sheep alternative

April 1st, 2009

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mosquitoes are not in the air (yet), but there is a “buzz” among hoteliers to promote the perfect night’s sleep for guests. For example, Park Hyatt hotels teamed up with renowned Brazilian nutritionist, Patricia Teixeira, to combat problems plaguing the weary business travelers with specialty nutritional smoothies and juices.  The program debuted last year in Paris, Dubai, and Moscow and is now being launched all over. With a background in Physiology and Sports Biochemistry, Teixeira has counseled and prescribed personalized diets for well-know international sports figures. For Park Hyatt, she tailored the ingredients to target specific ailments such as jet lag. Anti Jet Lag Juice guarantees the first step to a productive day – a good night’s sleep. This drink combines kale’s phytonutrients with pumpkin seeds to trigger tryptophan, the body’s sleep hormone, as well as carrots and apples to balance sugar levels.  Consuming 30 minutes before bedtime is the optimum time to help avoid insomnia. (more…)

new to the table

June 23rd, 2008

Gayle Warwick Fine Linen introduces a dazzling array of new tabletop linen – embroidered by hand on Irish or Belgian linen, this collection is heirloom worthy, but without the fuss. Your grandmother, were she a mother of three balancing a high-powered investment career with quiet dinner parties at home and chic vacations in the Hamptons, would certainly approve.

(Psssst… heard through the grapevine: a major New York-based department store is picking up the entire Gayle Warwick tabletop collection this September. Stay tuned for more!)

perfectly sized, perfectly weighted, and worth every penny

June 3rd, 2008

For the past two years, Gayle Warwick Fine Linen has worked on constructing the perfect, and perfectly organic, white cotton towel.  Gayle Warwick worked with expert weavers in Switzerland to design and construct the terry towel that uses 100% organic cotton and is bleached pure white using no chlorine – both elegant and ecological. Proof that going “green” doesn’t have to mean sacrificing daily luxury!


Weight: 750 grams per square meter (compare to Calvin Klein organic towels, which have a weight of 550 g/sq m)

Dimension: 39″ x 70″ (enormous – especially next to West Elm’s 30″ x 54″ bath sheet)

Retail price: $295 – Bath sheet, $150 – Hand towel, $26 – Face cloth, $135 – Bath mat

life is too short for scratchy sheets

May 6th, 2008

Nantucket Island Resorts is the first hotel brand to use Gayle Warwick Fine Linen hand-embroidered, 100% organic cotton sheets.  The sheets are embroidered with a cheery pattern of marching elephants, specially designed to reference the hotel’s mascot, Trunket.

greening up around the world

May 6th, 2008

As being “green” has evolved from the hot new trend into a conscientious way of life, the luxury travel industry has followed suit.Hotels across the globe have moved beyond posting “Please Conserve Water” bathroom signs to embracing programs, practices, and products that are both eco-friendly and socially responsible. (more…)

break out the good silver

May 6th, 2008

2008 brings good tidings for those in the market for exquisite luxury linens, as British boutique brand Gayle Warwick Fine Linen introduces new collections like a nautical set based on the Ashley Book of Knots and a tabletop line of intricate hemstitch linen. (more…)