The Grand House

THE GRAND HOUSE is a hybrid venture between a five-star hotel and a luxury vacation home rental service that exemplifies the glamour and ebullience of Italian style. The company debuted in March 2019 with a portfolio of maisons particulières situated in central Rome. Additional properties in Florence and Milan are scheduled to open by 2020. THE GRAND HOUSE is the brainchild of brothers Massimo and Maurizio Micangeli, whose father, Lamberto, was the president of CIGA (Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi), the world’s first group of luxury hotels and   resorts founded in 1906. CIGA was eventually acquired by Starwood in 1998 and folded into The Luxury Collection brand.

Each property in THE GRAND HOUSE portfolio has a distinctive identity and layered history. Together, they represent a diverse and unparalleled expression of Italian art, design, and architecture. The curation of the residences is matched by a pioneering approach to hospitality, in which the comfort and flexibility of a home rental are married with the service offerings of a luxury hotel.