real (if forced) relaxation in bali

December 2nd, 2008

Although we here at AMPR love NYC, we admit that it can be a very noisy, distracting city.  For instance, the deafening sound of jackhammers right outside our office window!  If only we were in Bali…

To honor the Balinese Lunar New Year, (March 29th, 2009), the entire island shuts down with a “Day of Silence.”  This Hindu holiday, called Nyepi, is a holiday of mediation and self-reflection, and is observed by Hindus and non-Hindus alike (even tourists are not exempt, although rules are lax within hotels).  For Balinese residents, anything that could possibly interfere with self-reflection is restricted; no speaking, no obnoxious entertainment, and best of all, no ear-splitting construction! 

And while this might be a scary leap for those physically incapable of detaching themselves from their Blackberrys, we see Nyepi as the ultimate gift: real, if forced, relaxation.  Uma Ubud, one of two luxe COMO outposts on the island, embraces the holiday by offering guests two complimentary yoga classes to practice reflection and meditation, as well as a traditional Rijitafel feast at the Kempiri restaurant.


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